The Data Observability Summit


Thank you for joining us! We hope you enjoyed the first-ever Data Observability Summit and left with a few key takeaways, new connections and fresh ideas to drive impact with data. This is only the beginning for the Data Observability community!



The Rise of the Data Mesh - The future of data platform architectures

Over the past year, data mesh has taken the data community by storm. Join Zhamak Dehghani as she unpacks the future of data platform architectures during IMPACT: The Data Observability Conference.

Zhamak Dehghani, Founder of the Data Mesh


Founders Circle - Building the next generation of SaaS data products

Neha Narkhede, Creator of Apache Kafka & Co-founder, Confluent
Amit Agarwal, Chief Product Officer, Datadog

In 2021, the demand for real-time, accurate insights has never been higher. So, how can today's data leaders build data systems -- and even data applications -- to meet these ever growing needs? Two of the most important product visionaries in our field, Neha Narkhede, co-creator of Apache Kafka and co-founder of Confluent, and Amit Agarwal, Chief Product Officer at Datadog, sit down for a panel discussion about what it takes to build and scale data products for the modern enterprise.


The Data Lakehouse - Combining the best of data warehouses and data lakes

Reynold Xin, Co-founder and Chief Architect, Databricks

What is a data lakehouse and should you migrate to one? Reynold Xin, co-founder of Databricks, highlights the why and how today's best data teams are adopting a hybrid data warehouse / lake architecture and highlights key performance gains with this approach.


The Rise and Downfall of the Data Engineer - Opportunities and challenges in today's data engineering landscape 

Maxime Beauchemin, Creator of Apache Airflow & Co-founder of Preset

Is the data engineer still the "worst seat at the table?" Maxime Beauchemin, creator of Apache Airflow and Apache Superset, discusses his vision for the future of data engineering, including the rise of DataOps and data observability, the splintering of the data team, and the (long-term) pitfalls of templated SQL.


The Decade of Data - The evolving role of data in the age of COVID-19—and beyond

DJ Patil, First U.S. Chief Data Scientist

For many in data, DJ Patil, the first U.S. Chief Data Scientist and former Head of Analytics at LinkedIn, needs no introduction. In this fireside chat, DJ discusses the early days of "data science," the renewed focus on data reliability in the wake of COVID-19, and what most excites him about the future of our industry.

Bob Muglia

The Modern Data Stack - A conversation about the technologies and trends shaping data in the cloud

Bob Muglia, Former CEO, Snowflake

What is the modern data stack and should you build one? Bob Muglia, former CEO of Snowflake, discusses the early days of the Data Cloud, current trends in data governance and observability, the future of the modern data stack, and which players thinks will win the data platform wars.

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The Rise of Data Observability - Architecting the future of data trust

Lior Gavish, CTO and Co-Founder of Monte Carlo

What is data observability and how can you apply it to your data stack? Lior Gavish, co-founder of Monte Carlo and creator of the data observability category, discusses his vision for the future of end-to-end data trust at scale.

In Data, We Trust.

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